Fast Company: What's the biggest mistake you've ever made (or observed) in a job interview?


The other day we wrote about 6 ways to secretly sabotage your job interview, and then we asked Facebook fans about the biggest interview mistakes they’ve ever seen. Here’s what they had to say:
  • “Not having a convincing answer to what my strengths were.” -Prashanth Challapalli
  • “When…

I used to work for an ad agency and one of the founders also co-owned a cosmetics company. He brought a couple of color swatches to the table one day to get our input, specifically which shade we preferred and why. Simple enough—everyone had a quick answer among the lines of “I like the coral-y more because it would compliment more skin tones than the berry shade”

Then, it was the summer intern’s turn to weigh in. “I dunno, they’re both real nice”

Owner: Agreed, but which one do you prefer?

Intern: *shrugs* I like them both.

Owner: OK, well which one would you choose for yourself to wear?

Intern: I’d get both…Right? *looking around at all of us*

Owner: Sure. *gives the rest of us a WTF look before walking away*

I should note that the intern showed up with a full face of makeup every day, so it wasn’t that she didn’t KNOW anything about makeup or colors; she was just too timid to express her opinion. It was painful to watch, and she wasn’t offered a position with the agency at the end of the summer.

Moral of the story: job skills are a dime a dozen (who DOESN’T have Adobe CS experience nowadays?) but your personality and voice are what distinguishes you from the crowd and leaves a lasting impression. So don’t be afraid to speak up, during and after the interview.

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  5. fryaiaiai answered: when he/she asks…when would you be available to start?and your answer is……mmmm not sure….
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